Chillin’ at the Laundromat


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I am always looking for ways to multi-task in my life as I’m sure so many of us do.  There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Often, from the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning, we’re on the move, right?

Well, while cruising around the internet, I found an interesting way to combine one of my most hated chores and my most favorite activity.

I give you… drumroll please… The Laundromat Café!  I know, right?????  What a great idea!

(All photos courtesy

A cozy spot to chill while your laundry spins...

A cozy spot to chill while your laundry spins…

And, here are some choice drinks to chill with...

And, here are some choice drinks to chill with…

Chill at this beautiful bar with those thirst-quenchers...

Chill at this beautiful bar with those thirst-quenchers…

The Laundromat Café is “a series of cafes in Denmark and Iceland. Called “the world’s hippest launderette” by Wallpaper magazine, it combines the warm, sophisticated feel of a diner-cafe with the functionality of a laundromat.”

For me, this concept is nothing short of pure genius!  Customers can eat diner-style, read from the installed libraries, write, people watch, drink — everything for which a cafe is designed, with the added advantage of getting those grungy duds cleaned!

And, just so that you don’t feel completely out-of-this-world while partaking of this, dare I say it, luxury, here’s a tiny reminder that you are, in fact, in a laundromat…

Ooopsie... a leak!

Oopsie… a leak!

For more information and photos, go here:

As for me, I’ve come down with a tiny cold, so I’m at home, bundled up, and comforting myself — sans laundromat — with this:

Thick, Rich Hot Chocolate courtesy of

Thick, Rich Hot Chocolate courtesy of

Thick, chocolatey and truly indulgent, I feel a little better already!

Have a chill weekend!


Chillin’ With Cortado



New York City, snowed in, brutally cold temperatures outside, many schools and business closed, public transportation sluggish — at best — on modified schedules, I knew I needed a good jolt to get going today.

Cortado to the rescue!

Cortado is an espresso drink of Spanish derivation, which is cut with a small amount of steamed milk added after the espresso.  The ratio of milk to coffee is between 1:1 and 1:2.  The word cortado is actually the past tense of the Spanish verb cortar — to cut.  That, I did not know!  (Thanks, Wikipedia!) All that I truly know is cortado equals wonderful elixir of life!  Because of it’s traditional size of four ounces, the drink forces you to stop, or at the very least, slow down, to completely enjoy it and be present in your cafe moment.

I experienced my very first cortado on a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain with my very dear friend, Sara.  In between rambling through the picturesque streets, shops, museums, there were many tapas and cortados!   I have since been able to create my own version here at home.  I have even been able to order it when dining out by essentially tricking-out my post-dinner coffee order.

It's not fancy, but it's good espresso!

It’s not fancy, but it’s delicious!

Cafe at Mercer Hotel - Barcelona, Catalonia Spain

Cafe at Mercer Hotel – Barcelona, Catalonia Spain

To Sara – there’s nothing like good friends to share the simple pleasures of life!  And, thanks for the Christmas gift of this beautiful book!

Photo credit:  Paris In Color by Nichole Robertson

Photo credit: Paris In Color by Nichole Robertson

And, now, I’m off!  I’m sure to stop somewhere for a caffeinated pick-me-up at some point today!

Hello and Welcome!


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I love cafes and cafe life.  I love the idea that one can enjoy a short pause during the day to escape into their thoughts, their dreams, with a good cup of coffee or even a glass of wine.  There are some of us who discover a favorite cafe — a place where everyone knows your name — or maybe no one does,  and, yet we feel welcome and comfortable nonetheless; it becomes a home away from home.  That “third stop” that we make everyday.

Whenever I have a little break in the day-to-day, I collect and post photos of cafes where I would like to chill out from time to time.

Whether it’s coffee drinks, food and desserts, or just activity in and around those cafes, those are the sort of images you will find here.


Enjoy!  And, be careful – the coffee is hot!